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MATC Faculty Support: Faculty Support Team

Meet MATC Faculty Support Team

MATC Faculty Support Team

Curriculum Coordinator

Meredith Kay Reeves, Ph.D.


Communication Coordinator


Dina Borysenko-

New Faculty and Mentoring Coordinator

Yvette Ardis -

Faculty Support Team is located in Faculty Innovation Center in M201 (downtown campus)

Faculty Support initiatives

Interested in Developing a ZERD Course or Workshop for Faculty Professional Development?

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) oversees the development and implementation of faculty professional development opportunities.  Our goal is to provide training that is pedagogically-focused that concentrates on teaching strategies.  Courses and workshops are student-centered, research-based, and designed in response to classroom and institutional needs.  Please send a 1-2 page proposal for your ZERD course development idea and submit it to Dr. Meredith Kay Reeves, Curriculum Coordinator - Faculty Professional Development, for the CTE (  Dr. Reeves will evaluate your proposal and set-up a time to discuss your proposal further for consideration.  

Faculty who develop a particular ZERD course/workshop has first priority to teach the course for a total of six (6) semesters.  Other interested and qualified faculty may be assigned to teach the course once the original instructor declines to teach it or reaches the six (6) semester point. Upon initial approval of the Course Outcome Summary all ZERD courses become property of MATC.