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Center for Teaching Excellence

Apply for a scholarship to attend a Professional Development event

  • The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) has limited funds for MATC full and part-time faculty to attend professional development events (web-conferences/workshops/webinars) related to student success and learning based on MATC Strategic Goals and Values (up to $200) or discipline-related conferences as a presenter (up to $500). For the 2021-22 Academic Year priority will be given to professional development within the categories of: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, or 21st Century Classroom Skills.
  • Both, Full-time and Part-time faculty, are invited to apply for this scholarship while funds last
  • Awardees of the amount greater than $100 are required to present learned information to the colleagues.
  • Preferences will be given to the first-time applicants and to those who present at the conferences.
  • If you are interested please sign this agreement (please make a copy of it to edit) and submit to 
  • Pre-Approval form (for traveling to the professional development event and/or if you are going to miss instructional time) and Reimbursement form. Please know that the CTE can only reimburse up to the awarded amount according to College Procedures & Reimbursement procedure. 

Magna Commons Online Seminars

Magna Commons offers on-demand versions of Magna's most popular Magna Online Seminars, covering a broad range of topics of interest to faculty & administrators.

To register and log in to access the group subscription:

1.           Go to Enter information in the required fields > Submit. NOTE: if you get an error that your password does not match, skip down to the EXISTING USERS Section below

2.           Once successfully registered, you will see a screen "Thank you for completing your registration"

3.           Go to

4.           On the right side of the page, in the "Username or email address" box, enter the email address that you submitted in Step 1.

5.           Enter your password > Login

6.           On the My Account page > Join Team

7.           On the My Online Access page click the appropriate orange "Go to..." box for access

8.           You will be taken to the dashboard for the institutional subscription. Scroll to search or locate the materials you wish to access or view.


If you get an error when using Create Account:

1.      Go to

2.      Enter your email address > Reset Password

3.      Once the password has been reset, go to the URL in Step 3 above to complete the registration process and log in

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