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Meet the Faculty Development Coaches

MATC 2021-22 Faculty Development Coaches

Dr. Talonda Lipsey-Brown is an instructor in the General Education Academic & Career Pathway and she currently teaches courses in the educational foundations department. She's earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from Marquette University as well as both her Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a doctorate in Urban Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Her research interests include examining teachers' identities, ideologies, and the impact of school climate, on their relationships with students of color in both urban and suburban schools.

Bocar Ndiaye is an English as a Second Language Instructor in the General Education Academic & Career Pathway.  He has his master's degree in English as a foreign language from the University of Dakar (Senegal) and a master's degree in adult education and organizational development from Alverno College in Wisconsin. Bocar states that “Teaching is my passion and I particularly love to see students achieve their goals. I love traveling to discover other cultures and reading to expand my mind. I spend a lot of time playing the guitar and drums. I’m always ready to learn; always ready to teach.”

Susan Nusser is starting her seventh year as a part-time English instructor in the General Education Academic & Career Pathway. She has also taught at four-year institutions in Wisconsin, Vermont, and Boston, Massachusetts.  Susan is a writer and journalist and loves talking to people and hearing their stories.  She worked on the 21st Century Classroom design team and was really excited by everyone's commitment to good quality teaching, whether it's online or face-to-face. Susan is very grateful to have a chance to continue that work as a faculty coach.


Erika Reyes is an Instructor in the Business and Management Academic & Career Pathway. She has a bachelor's degree with a dual minors in business management with computer software and Spanish language and culture from Alverno College. Erika also has a master’s degree in business management administration from Ottawa University. For the past 19 years, she has taught for MATC as a computer software instructor, and 14 years as an adjunct computer software online instructor at Herzing University. Erika has extensive instruction experience with adult education and college access & retention.

Dr. Mernathan Sykes teaches in General Education in the area of Community Education as an Adult High School English/Communications Instructor. Mernathan has supported continuing and professional education programs, workforce development education, and instruction in higher education. She holds a Doctorate in Higher Education. She earned a Master's Degree in Administrative Leadership and a Bachelor's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She serves on the MATC professional assignment committee, and has served on several MATC committees as a faculty member throughout multiple academic semesters.

Dr. Stephanie McKennie is a full-time Associate Degree Nursing instructor in the Healthcare Pathway. She has taught in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at MATC for 16 years. She served as a Blackboard Liaison at MATC for many years. Stephanie obtained her BSN from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. She received a Master of Science from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and her Ph.D. in education with a focus on eLearning from Northcentral University in Arizona. She has an expansive nursing background that includes more than 15 years as an ICU nurse and experience in other nursing disciplines that includes ER, Psychiatric (Adult and Adolescent), and Alcohol and Drug nursing. Her extensive background in helping others has her excited and looking forward to working with faculty in her new role as a CTE faculty development Coach.


Peer Coaching

Part of the FQAS process at MATC involves Peer Coaching:

  • New Faculty work with their assigned Faculty Development Coach during their probationary period. The CTE assigns the Coach to the new faculty member within their first month of employment. The coaching process involves meeting with the Coach, reviewing the FQAS Probationary requirements, having at least one classroom observation conducted by the Coach, and working together on the probationary faculty member's Teaching Action Plan (TAP). The Classroom Observations form is filled out by the Coach and is shared with the faculty member for the purpose of coaching and mentoring.  Typically the results of the classroom observation would be reflected upon by the probationary faculty member and goals for professional development would be created and documented within the TAP. The Coach and faculty member continue to review progress towards achieving their TAP goals throughout their probationary period, providing a consistent and supportive peer coaching experience.
  • Post-probationary faculty choose their own Peer Coach, typically another post-probationary faculty in their department, and document their goals and activities as part of their Teaching Action PlanFor more information please go here.


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