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Database Trials

This guide highlights some of the databases currently on trial. Please give us your feedback! We value your opinions and take them into consideration when making purchasing decisions.

MLA Handbook Plus Trial

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The go-to resource for writers of research papers and anyone citing sources is now available online through institutional subscriptions. MLA Handbook Plus includes the full text of the ninth edition of the handbook, the first editions of both the MLA Guide to Digital Literacy and the MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature, and a video course that teaches the principles of MLA documentation style through a series of short videos paired with quizzes, plus a final assessment.

To access the site as a user (note: must be on campus or accessing thru the VDI:

With this access you can explore the features and content of MLA Handbook Plus. To learn a little more about this, view our demo

Trial expires Aug 19, 2022


Q: Is there a citation generator?

A: No, and there is not a plan for a citation generator in the near future. They are developing additional instructional tools, such as videos, additional examples and student papers to help facilitate the instruction.

Q: In the "Tour MLA Handbook Plus" video, it said that students have to set up accounts to view off-campus? We use OpenAthens for our authentication. We would be able to set up OpenAthens authentication so students wouldn't HAVE to create an account, correct?

A: That tour was made ahead of their launch, and does not reflect the current options available for authentication. So yes, they have Open Athens. Users can opt to create their own accounts (this information is not retained by MLA) if they would like, as it allows for them to save searches.

Q:  All the information on the MLA Style Center is free, and not part of MLA Handbooks Plus correct?

A: Yes, the style center is a free resource, but is not representative of the full handbook and the additional content items which are inclusive of MLA Handbook Plus

Q: Can students really submit citation questions on this page  and someone @ MLA will answer their question? 

A: You can review the instructions and information on how questions are submitted and answered here:


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