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Course Withdrawals and Appeals Policy

Policy D900 Course Withdrawals and Appeals was approved by the MATC Board on 5/23/2021. This policy is intended to provide students with responsibility over educational decisions and to assist students in establishing good academic engagement and attendance habits. If a student wishes to withdraw from a course for any reason, it is the expectation and responsibility for the student to initiate the withdrawal process as set forth below.

The Attendance Reporting Requirements and procedure were initially created and approved 3/5/2021. This document is intended for faculty to review and reference.  

Important post-it**New for Spring Semester 2022 (January 2022) the initial attendance procedure has been elaborated upon and updated with detailed information that can be found here.


Classroom Behavior Resources

MATC is a diverse open-access community college that provides opportunities for all levels of adult learners to engage not only with new content and course materials, but also with other students in a dynamic, innovative classroom setting.  It is expected that at some point most every faculty member is bound to experience situations where they become uncomfortable in their classroom setting for one reason or another. This training is designed to provide an opportunity for faculty to reflect upon how they might feel in certain classroom situations, and to provide resources for what to do when this undoubtedly happens.

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