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Learn Pillar Integration Committee

The Learn Pillar Integration Committee keeps student success at the heart of all decisions and actions. The Committee provides a structure for faculty involvement and collaborative decision-making across all Academic and Career Pathways within the college and provides a diverse, equitable, and inclusive opportunity for front-line employees to give feedback based upon their direct interaction with students. The Committee performs this work by initiating and coordinating aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment using a collaborative and student-centered approach. 

This committee was designed through a collaborative process over the past 6 months involving primarily faculty as well as the leadership of Local 212. The Learn Pillar Integration Committee looks forward to hearing your feedback!


Review the slide deck below to learn more about the Learn Pillar Integration Committee:

Learn Pillar Integration Committee slide show


Provide feedback by posting your thoughts to this Padlet.

Padlet screenshot


Review the Zoom call where Learn Pillar colleagues provide feedback and ask questions about the new Learn Pillar Integration Committee.

Learn Pillar Integration Committee zoom call recording

All colleagues, with a special emphasis on the Learn Pillar, are invited to complete a brief survey to state your interest in joining one of the Learn Pillar Integration Committee Work Teams. 

Initial teams will be formed in early 2022.

A shared folder that contains the Charters, agendas and minutes/live notes, and work teams are viewable to all MATC employees.  

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