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Tutoring Services: Meet our Tutors: Rules

Get to know our tutors and staff (and some of the students they serve).


1. We cannot guarantee immediate tutoring.

2. We cannot give you supplies (pens, paper ...).

3. We cannot print, copy, fax or scan for you.

4. We cannot let you use staff computers.

5. We cannot let you use the department telephone.

6. We cannot store or safeguard your belongings.

We CAN ...

1. We can do our very best to match you with a tutor and to hire enough tutors to meet demand.

2. We can help you find an MATC College Book Store and the Spirit Shops (at regional campuses).

3. We can help you find an Academic Support Center with printers and copy/scan services.

4. We can help you find an Academic Support Center with computers and the software you need.

5. We can direct you to campus telephones, found in the hallways of all our buildings, for calling MATC departments.

6. We can advise you that hallway lockers are free — simply bring your own lock :)