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Tutoring Services: Meet our Tutors: Testimonials

Get to know our tutors and staff (and some of the students they serve).

What are students and tutors saying?

Many students take advantage of the college's convenient and free tutoring. Here are a few testimonials from our students and tutors.


Landry, Computer Electronics Technology student


Landry did not want tutoring, offered through Tutoring Services at MATC, at first: "I was like, 'Tutoring, I don't want no tutoring!'" But he changed his mind ... and his academic performance improved!

Natalie, Dental Hygiene student


Natalie says she is "doing way better this time — a lot better" in class, now that she takes part in tutoring sessions.

Delois, Registered Nursing student


Delois recommends using  Tutoring Services as soon as possible. "Get the help right away don't wait until the end of the semester."

Chris, Architectural Technology student


Chris recommends doing homework in the Academic Support Centers, where tutors are posted: "In case you have questions, there are people here to answer them."

Amy, Respiratory Therapy student


Amy says taking part in tutoring sessions is "a continuing learning experience, and it's great."


Matthew, math and electronics tutor

MattMatthew says "everybody's got this idea that they're so horrible at math ... but they come in, and they're intelligent people, you know, and they catch on," in part because MATC tutors will not give up on you!

Taylor, science tutor

Taylor, science tutorTaylor remembers when she struggled with geometry, admitting that "I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. I really needed to use the resources that were around me." Resources like tutoring!

Carol, Human Services and science tutor


Carol says she tutors because "I like to see students smiling." She will help students overcome whatever obstacles they face in class so they can succeed — and smile.

Loop, Music Occupations tutor


Loop tells students that "you're guaranteed" to benefit when you work with your tutor through Tutoring Services at MATC.

Chris, former English tutor, current educational assistant

Chris M.

Chris says that when he helps a student "figure it out I feel like I've just like opened up a door to a whole new universe of writing and student success."