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MATC hires tutors on an ongoing basis, depending on the demand for tutoring by students.

How to become an SLA leader

Structured Learning Assistance (or SLA) is a form of tutoring in which an experienced leader (or tutor) attends class with students and then leads mandatory review sessions after or before class. The classes with SLA tutoring are courses that students need to take to get into their programs, such as math and science.

As an SLA leader, you:

  • attend a two-day training session before the beginning of each semester;
  • lead two or more pre-scheduled SLA sessions per week for each course;
  • meet with your instructor regularly to discuss strategies for the SLA sessions;
  • attend class with the students, take notes and act as a model student; and
  • establish a rapport with the instructor and the students.

During SLA sessions, your role is to:

  • create an active learning environment for students;
  • integrate how to learn (study skills) with what to learn (content);
  • encourage discussion among participants;
  • help break down and simplify complex information taught in class; and
  • address gaps in knowledge, including basic concepts.

To be an SLA leader, you must:

  • have earned at least a B in the chosen or a related course;
  • have a GPA of at least 2.5 (3.0 for some assignments);
  • have experience either as a tutor for at least one semester or in classroom management, say as a teaching assistant or as an instructor; and
  • be able to work at least seven hours per week, with a flexible schedule. (Your work time is usually scheduled during, before and/or after the chosen class, which you may be asked to attend in full.) 

Your role as an SLA leader is an important and valuable one. As an SLA leader, you are provided with an opportunity to re-present the information in a fresh way, improve critical-thinking skills, and use strategies to simplify and categorize information.

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