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Tutoring Services: FAQ: Structured Learning Instruction


opening quotes (Math tutor) N'Guessan D. has been a major influence on making my experience with Math great! I personally was really struggling with basic Algebra ...
Throughout the semester he has taken much time in breaking down formulas and thought processes that I thought I never could do myself. closing quotes
Valerie, student

Frequently Asked Questions: Structured Learning Assistance

What is Structured Learning Assistance (or Embedded Tutoring)?

Structured Learning Assistance (or SLA) is a form of tutoring in which the leader (or tutor) attends class with students and then leads mandatory review sessions before or after class.

Who leads SLA sessions?

SLA leaders are tutors who have experience either in tutoring or in classroom management. They attend class lectures with their students, so they know exactly what is being taught and can encourage students to be engaged learners.

What happens during an SLA session?

The primary function of the SLA leader is to integrate how to learn with what to learn and to facilitate discussion among participants. During tutoring sessions, the leader:

  • further explains concepts taught in class;
  • helps fill in gaps in understanding;
  • encourages and guides practice in class concepts;
  • reviews for tests and shares test-taking strategies; and
  • helps students identify their learning styles and improve their study skills.

What are the benefits of SLA to students?

Students who pass gateway courses with good grades are more likely to get into their programs on the first try. Students come to understand course material better and are more likely to succeed in school.

What are my responsibilities as the instructor?

You can help support your SLA leader by meeting regularly to discuss what will be taught in class and by requiring students to attend SLA sessions. The SLA sessions have the same attendance policy you enforce for your class. Please keep in mind that SLA leaders are not teaching assistants. They cannot introduce new material to students or proctor exams. They are there to reinforce what you taught in class and to address any learning deficiencies you may identify among your students.

Does the leader (tutor) receive training?

The SLA leader receives up to 16 hours of training prior to their first assignment at MATC. In‐service training continues throughout the semester.

What supervision does the leader (tutor) have?

The SLA program is supervised by trained tutoring professionals and the District Manager of Tutoring Services and Academic Support. With the instructor's permission, supervisors may attend SLA sessions during the semester and give helpful feedback to the leaders.