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AT attendace policy for Milwaukee campus

You must attend your tutoring appointment each week. Call 414-297-6791 if you cannot attend. This will still count as a miss.

Note: Your appointment will be canceled ...

  1. If you miss your first appointment
  2. If you are a "no show" two times
  3. If you miss three appointments for any reason

Once you are canceled, you must wait two weeks to re-apply. After a second cancelation, you must wait four weeks to re-apply. You will be re-scheduled only if space is available. Priority for scheduling will be given to new students.

Changing appointments is strongly discouraged. Changes are requested on the yellow "Request for Change" form, which can be picked up at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Room C201.

Frequently Asked Questions: Assigned Tutoring

What is the Tutoring Services’ attendance policy for Assigned Tutoring?

  1. If you cannot attend a tutoring session, call Tutoring Services at 414‐297‐6791 as soon as possible to inform us of your absence.
  2. If you miss three (3) times or don’t report your absence two (2) times, you will be dropped from Assigned Tutoring. A “miss” is defined as not coming to an appointment (even if you called in) or not signing in correctly for your appointment. Once you are dropped, you will have to wait two (2) weeks before you may re‐apply for tutoring. You will be rescheduled only if space is available. Priority for available tutoring seats will be given to new students.
  3. If you know you will be missing several sessions, please cancel your sessions and re‐apply when you are available again.

Tutoring is free. Why have an attendance policy?

While tutoring is free for students, there are still costs, such as pay for tutors and other staff. Our experience shows that without the missed appointment policy, 48 percent of our students would not come for their appointment!

Any other reasons?

Yes. It is unfair to tutors when students do not show up. Many tutors rely on their wages in order to pay bills. Also, many of the best tutors don’t work for money but because they like helping students. If a student does not attend, they are not “paid” with personal satisfaction. They may become frustrated and quit.

I called in to excuse myself, but I got a “MISS.” Why did that count against me?

Thank you for calling in. We appreciate your courtesy! However, while calling in is an obligation of the Tutoring Agreement, it does not automatically excuse your absence.

Can I ever be excused if I call in?

Yes. If you provide written documentation for your absence, it will not be counted as a “MISS.” Examples of written documentation include a doctor’s excuse, a court appearance, a funeral bulletin, a note from meeting your child’s teacher, etc.

I attended but forgot to sign in. Why should that be a “MISS”?

Accurate attendance records are essential. The data helps us secure grant funding so that tutoring remains free to students. If you have questions about signing in or out, the staff will be happy to show you how.

A final word ...

While most of our students are responsible, some are not. The attendance policy is in place to keep tutoring free for semesters to come. Thank you for your understanding and support!