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Tutoring Services: Meet our Tutors: Staff

Get to know our tutors and staff (and some of the students they serve).

Meet the Front Desk!

The front-desk workers are the glue that holds Tutoring Services together. Get to know the people who help ensure your satisfaction!

Geneva J.

Geneva J.

Miss Genevea has been welcoming students to Tutoring Services for more than a decade. She is the matriarch of the office, and we all love her! She is always respectful of, patient with, and helpful to students. That is why we ask you to treat her in kind: Please be respectful, patient, and ready with questions!

Quotes: "I am genuinely concerned about the business of helping students."

"I am here to help," she emphasizes. Period!

Strengths: Geneva knows, well, pretty much everything — not just about Tutoring Services, but about MATC. Feel free to stop in to test her! :)

Carol L.

Carol L.

Carol has been working as a tutor in Biology since 2012 and in Food Nutrition since early 2015, when she also started staffing the Front Desk of Tutoring Services.

Quote: "I like working with the students, especially the interactions with the different cultures."

Strengths: Carol can be funny at times, and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face, making her a friendly and welcoming presence at the Front Desk.

She also likes exploring, although she has limits. "I lived hin Hawaii for three and a half years. I have eaten squid, octopus and shark before. I have never eaten mussels, frog legs or snails of any kind, but I have eaten green eggs and ham" ;)

Dana B.

Dana B.

Dana has been with Tutoring Services for four years. In addition to working the Front Desk, she has tutored American Sign Language and other subjects.

Quote: "If I use the word 'no,' it isn't personal or my policy." It simply has to be. She points out that yelling at or smarting off to her or other staff members will get you nowhere.

Strengths: Dana is conversational in American Sign Language (ASL), has a great memory, and can tutor in many subjects -- including killer dance moves :)

Unofficially, she also offers walk-in mending; she sews costumes for theater!

Nakita S.

Nakita S.

Nakita returned to Tutoring Services after her graduation with a Human Services degree in Spring of 2015. She was previously a student outreach worker for Tutoring Services.

Quote: "This is my home," she told her fellow staffers upon her return :)

Strengths: Nakita not only studied in the Human Services field, but she also worked in the field. That means she knows how to give people the attention and support they need. In addition, she is a mom with five children.

All she asks is that you speak clearly and be patient with staff. "Treat us how you want us to treat you."

Sarah H.

Sarah H.

Sarah joined Tutoring Services at the beginning of 2014, but she's worked at MATC for 17 years. She is an MATC alumnus and was a tutor in computers for five years. She is one of only three full-time staff members in Tutoring Services, serving as assistant to the department manager.

Quotes: "I love working with fun, enthusiastic, dedicated and SMART people, and contributing to the success of our students! I have a wild, adventurous side! I love travelling — often alone — and trying new things (recently jumped off of a skytower in New Zealand)."

Strengths: data collection and analysis, scheduling, solving crises, and fixing the Xerox machine :)

Info: heldings(at), 414-297-6298