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Tutoring Services: Meet our Tutors: Carol L.

Get to know our tutors and staff (and some of the students they serve).

About Carol

Carol is enrolled in the Human Services program at MATC.

Carol tutors Biology and Nutritional Science currently and has tutored English and Math 109. "I can do a little of everything, I guess," she says, laughing. She's at the Advanced certification level, working on her Master level.

She observes that usually, when you're a tutor, you wind up being a counselor ... but you certainly don't get paid like a counselor. That's why, she says, "I try to be cheerful as much as possible so I can keep other people happy."

She is also a grandmother with four grandkids, and she teaches Sunday school for children. But don't let her fool you; she may be soft-spoken with a perpetual smile on her face, but she's no pushover!

Carol was an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army, with top-secret FBI clearance, at one time. She performed  background/criminal checks, briefed generals, and overlaid maps. She was an E-4 specialist promotable when she left the military.

Meet Carol