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Tutoring schedules

Our tutors have a wide variety of hours available to you. You can find out what those hours are by clicking Tutoring Schedules here or in the navigation above.

We have numerous Anatomy and Physiology models available for students to use during tutoring sessions, with the help of tutors.

A&P models

A&P tutoring

Have you been working from the textbook and spinning your wheels at home when you could have the personal help of a free tutor? If you're trying to pass your A&P class, come check us out here in C201. Even better, get the "A" you deserve! Get the information broken down for you in manageable portions, and work with our lifelike models.

Biochemistry tutoring

Yes, we have tutoring in Biochemistry! By using our tutors, you ensure that we will continue to offer tutoring in this subject — we only provide tutors if there is a demand for them. It's really important to take the time to properly prepare for an exam. You might as well do it with the assistance of a tutor. Visit C201 today.

Chemistry tutoring

We now offer more Chemistry tutoring than ever before. The demand was there, and we've hire the staff to accommodate it. Take full advantage of our Chemistry tutoring options. Be in control of your grades and let someone help guide you down the road to success!

Microbiology tutoring

If you have a question, we have answers. Our Microbiology tutor is experienced and ready. Take the first step by committing yourself to your first session. You'll be surprised at how relieved you feel after you put some energy into this kind of positive opportunity.


This is a very recent addition for us here at Tutoring Services.  We hope that you take advantage of this really great opportunity.  It's a whole lot easier to study with a knowledgeable tutor than to tackle the information by yourself.

Physics tutoring

We are very happy about adding a Physics tutor this semester. It's an important subject — and, if you're taking the course, you know it's a tough subject. Don't suffer alone. Join a group of people that can support you through your journey to completing this course.