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TutorTrac for New Tutees: Signing In

This guide will help you become familiar with signing in and out for your tutoring sessions.

Signing in

When you come into the Tutoring Services office (C201), there are three computers. One is near the exit to C271; two others are at the front desk.  Above each is a placard. One reads AT  (Assigned Tutoring). The other two read SI (Supplemental Instruction). If you filled out an application for tutoring, then you will sign in under AT. If you received a schedule from another student in your class with a list of tutoring times, then you will sign in under SI.

Step 1

In the box labeled "Log Student," input your student/ Cosmo ID number then hit enter.

Step 2

A new dialog box will open after you hit enter. In the right-hand box, select which center your course would be under.

After choosing your center, "Choose a Center" will change to "Log In."

Step 3

Click Log In.

Step 4

In the left-hand box labeled "Subject," select the course for which you have come for tutoring. 

In the right-hand box, select Assigned Tutoring, Group Tutoring, or Walk- In Tutoring, depending on which kiosk you sign in. After you finish selecting your subject and reason for the visit, click continue. Please wait. When the screen goes back to the long-in page (where you entered your ID number), you are signed in and may proceed to your session.